Green coffee to the Diet has not been Proven, Thus at risk

The popularity of green coffee to the diet started to spread since the claims surfaced alleging that their subjects were able to lose weight. But the fact is, there has been no research that can prove the claims.

Green coffee to the Diet has not been Proven, Thus at risk
Green coffee to the Diet has not been Proven, Thus at risk

Green coffee is raw coffee beans are not roasted. Green coffee to the diet generally packaged in the form of extracts and supplements. But before You consume coffee green, let's first review the effectiveness and risks to health.

The effectiveness of Green Coffee to Diet, according to Research
Green coffee to diet is claimed to have many benefits for your health because it contains klorogenat acid compounds. This substance is believed to have antioxidant effects that can help weight loss as well as inhibit the buildup of fat. Green coffee is also thought to have a good effect for maintaining brain health.

Good regular coffee (roasted coffee beans) as well as the green coffee is actually both have acid klorogenat. It's just that, klorogenat acid content in green coffee beans of the coffee higher because not through the process of roasting. The process of roasting coffee beans can indeed reduce the amount of acid klorogenat.

Well, high levels of klorogenat acid on this green coffee is then thought to have potential in losing weight. But unfortunately, the research done so far still on a small scale, so haven't been able to ensure the security and efekvititas of green coffee if taken in the long term.

Risks and side effects of Green Coffee to Diet

As well as regular coffee, green coffee also contains caffeine. Therefore, this coffee can cause side effects similar to that of regular coffee, namely in the form of:

Digestive disorders, such as nausea and bloating.
It's hard to sleep.
Heart palpitations.
Frequent urination.
Because the content of the superiority, green coffee is not good if consumed by anxiety kecemasangangguan disorder sufferers, osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, digestive disorders, or disorders of bleeding.

Green coffee also raises risk of drug interactions with blood thinning drugs and stimulants, i.e. drug or substance that can increase the activity of the nervous system in the brain. Therefore, do not drink coffee green if you are taking any medication.

When you want to eat green coffee to the diet, are strongly encouraged to consult in advance with the doctor. Especially if you suffer from certain diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, or are taking any medication. The use of green coffee supplements in children and pregnant women should consult a doctor first.

Green coffee to consume a diet might be helpful in weight loss, but experts agree that there is no way to lose weight is more effective and safer than the setting (diet) diet and exercise routine.

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