Benefits, risks, and safe Tips for sex during menstruation

For some people, having sex during menstruation is feared as it is still considered taboo. But apparently, there are many interesting facts about having sex during menstruation that may not be much known. Instead of just crashing, here are the things you need to know about sex during menstruation.

Benefits, risks, and safe Tips for sex during menstruation
Benefits, risks, and safe Tips for sex during menstruation

Benefits having sex during menstruation

Making love is a lot of health benefits. Similarly, if intercourse is done during menstruation. However, the benefits you can get may differ slightly.

Relieve cramps

Stomach cramps are the symptoms of PMS subscriptions of most women who are menstruating. Cramps appear because the uterus contracts to shed its coating.

Well, the fact in the field calls orgasm can relieve cramps during menstruation. This is because the uterus is also contracted during sex to knock out the network. However, you will not feel the pain that is as usual because the mind is being disacted by the pleasure of sex.

At the same time, the sex triggers the brain secretes endorphin hormones. Endorphins are happy-tasting hormones that can distract the mind from being a perceived pain.

Shorter menstruation

When you routinely have sex during menstruation, the uterine muscles will more often contract. Uterine contraction in particular will be very intense during orgasm.

This condition makes the uterine lining tissue more rapidly as it continues to be stimulated for release. The results of your normal menstruation are done sooner than usual.

Relieve headaches

One of the symptoms that often arise while menstruating is a headache. Well, having sex can help relieve headaches when you are menstruating.

This is evidenced by The research published by The Journal of Headache and Pain. Menstruating women who have migraines report their headaches noticeably lighter after having sex.

Although it is not very obvious to the relationship, Endorfinlah is thought to play a strong role in this.

Sex does not feel sick

A delicious sex lock with no pain is the help of lubricant on the vagina. When the vagina is enough "wet", the penis will be easier to enter without causing a sense of abusive or pain.

During menstruation, the blood can be a natural lubricant of the vagina that makes the surrounding area more slippery.

Risk of menstruation sex

But besides its benefits, having sex during menstruation also has a risk that can not be ignored.

1. Risk of disease transmission

Dealing with menstruation by forgetting the principles of safe sex can make you more risky to be exposed and transmit infections.

Sexually transmitted diseases related to menstruation are types that are transmitted through the blood, such as HIV and hepatitis.  The two types of viruses can live in body fluids, whether it is blood or natural fluid of the vagina and penis.

If you do not have this disease but your partner is positive, you risk contracting the disease from him if having sex during the period without a condom. This is because your cervix will open slightly during menstrual periods, allowing the virus to pass through.

In addition, the pH levels of vaginal discharge during menstruation will be higher than blood which makes germs of disease proliferate faster.

Conversely if you are positive but a healthy spouse, he can also be infected with your illness. The Virus can spread through contact with the infected blood.

The transmission of sexually transmitted infections from sexual intercourse during menstrual periods can be passed orally, vagina, or anally. Therefore, always use condoms when having sex in order to stay safe and minimal risk. Condoms help protect themselves and prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections through blood or other bodily fluids.

2. Contaminate the bed

In addition to risking infection, sex during menstruation will be more troublesome than usual. The reason is that blood can contaminate mattresses, sheets, blankets, up to the body of the spouse. Especially if you are in contact with the blood period Deras-derasnya.

Many people avoid having sex during menstruation because they feel anxious about the menstrual blood that is scattered everywhere. This can make sex become less delicious.

Does having sex during menstruation can make pregnant?

Maybe you wonder if you can conceive when having sex during menstruation? The answer could be. However, the possibilities are small.

You will have a very high chance of getting pregnant if you have sex in the ovulation period. Ovulation usually occurs in the mid-cycle, which is about 2 weeks before menstruation begins. When it is menstruating, ovulation Sudaj is complete.

However, the cycle length of each woman is different and can change every month. Then the possibility to conceive can not be fully predictable. It will still be possible to get pregnant from having sex during menstruation, so you still need to be careful.

Sperm that have entered into the body can also remain alive for approximately seven days. If you have the most short cycle of 21 days and ovulation after the menstrual period, it is likely that the pregnancy is higher. The reason is, there is a chance that the egg will come out when the sperm is still in your reproductive tract.

Tips for having sex during menstruation

To make menstrual sex more enjoyable and you and your spouse are spared from unwanted problems, here are the tips:

Remove tampons first

For you users of tampons, don't forget to remove them before having sex during menstruation. The forgotten tampons that are removed can be pushed deep into the vagina. It can make you difficult to remove it.

If a nested tampon is too long in the body, you risk experiencing various problems ranging from abnormal whiteness to infection. In addition, you also need the help of a doctor to remove it.

Choose the time when menstruation is not too heavy

Having sex during menstruation needs some strategy. One of them is to make the sex more comfortable, try to do it when the blood flow of menstruation starts a little.

You can get around in the days to the end so that the sex will not contaminate the bed. In addition, you will also not be aware of the menstrual blood that may be messy.

Mattress Alasi

Using a mattress mat helps keep the bed clean and free of blood stains. Use a mattress mat such as a perlak that can resist the liquid from seeping into the mattress. Also prepare a tissue near you so that it is easy to pick up whenever needed to wipe out the blood or the sperm fluid that comes out.

Choose a comfortable sex position

Missionary sex positions are positions where men are on top and women under. This position can be used as an option to help reduce the flow of blood coming out when it comes to menstruation.

However, you also need to restrict yourself from penetrating too deep. Because, penetration too deep can be about the cervix. This is because the cervical position is lower and is more sensitive during menstruation.

Do not hesitate to convey to a spouse when sex starts to hurt or do not wear out. If you still can continue, ask the pair to move slowly.

Try another sex variant

Unwrapped sex must be through vaginal, oral, or anally. You can also do other sex activities such as making an order, kissing, or embracing. You can also create a randy couple by playing the dick.

In addition, another way to try is to have sex while bathing. This means that you and your spouse are bathing together while making them without worrying about littering your mattress. If you have a bath tub, you can enjoy a dip together to keep the pleasure of making love.

Using condoms

Condoms become one of the items that should be used when dealing either in menstruation or not. Because, condoms can adequately protect you and your spouse from the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

To be effective, you and your spouse need to know how to use condoms correctly. Make sure to buy the appropriate product size, not too small or too large. Then, use the instructions listed on the packaging.

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