6 the skin of fruits and vegetables Is High Efficacy, not thrown away!

Many people who consider the skin of some type of vegetable or fruit as junk that doesn't need to be eaten. In fact, it could be that the skin of the fruit or vegetable has health benefits. In fact, the skin of the fruit or vegetable, whatever should not we discard?

6 the skin of fruits and vegetables Is High Efficacy, not thrown away!
6 the skin of fruits and vegetables Is High Efficacy, not thrown away!

Some of the skins of fruits and vegetables that are high in health benefits
Offered from health experts recommend that Mirror, we are not to carelessly throw away the skin from peeling or some vegetables or fruits if want to get health benefits with a maximum.

Here are the fruits and vegetables.

Citrus fruits
Most people will immediately discard the orange peel and eat the flesh of the fruit only, isn't it? In fact, according to a study published results in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, orange peel-antioxidant flavonoids contain very high. This content can help lower bad cholesterol levels and keeping the good cholesterol levels in the blood. In addition, the existence of these antioxidants can also fight the bad exposure to free radicals that can cause disease.

The study also mentions eat orange peel can benefit 20 times greater compared to eating a grapefruit juice. As information, processing the fruit into orange is indeed going to be removing or damaging levels of fibers. If we are still not accustomed to eating Orange rind, at least we eat the flesh of the fruit without removing serabutnya.


Before processing the garlic into a food seasoning, most people will Peel his skin which does look rough. The problem is the skin of the garlic turns a high content of antioxidants that naturally dear to be discarded casually.

A study conducted in Wakunaga Pharmaceutical, Japan proved that the skin the antioxidant content of garlic has a fenilpropanoid that could provide protection for the heart and prevent premature aging.

Banana fruit

A research conducted experts from Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan proves that high turns banana peels health benefits. In this study, the fact that the extract produced banana peels can overcome depression and help the production of hormones that can cope with stress. This could provide a major influence for the body's blood pressure.

Inside the skin of bananas turns out there are also deposits of lutein can nourish the retina. In addition, content of antioxidants such as carotenoids can lower the risk of developing cataracts, one of the many eye health problems attacked Indonesia society.

These studies also reveal the fact that drink of water decoction of leaves of bananas prepared for 10 minutes or make banana peels as the banana fruit juice mixture can provide many health benefits.

Pineapple fruit

The fruit has a sweet taste, sour sensation, and refresh it turns to have skin that is high in nutrients. For example, we can get the enzyme bromelain, vitamin C, and fiber in it. Consuming pineapple skin could help address the problem of indigestion and flatulence.

In addition, the enzyme bromelain can help the body digest the proteins and anti inflammation so that will help the body cope with the problem of fever, gout, and arthritis.

Fruit watermelon

Watermelon rind turns out high-citrulline amino acid which can help dilate blood vessels. This can help lower blood pressure at the same time facilitate blood circulation. This condition will certainly make the heart and blood vessels become more healthy.

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit skin high content of flavonoids can prevent inflammation, allergies, and cancer. In addition, the contents of antioksidannya will also prevent exposure to the bacteria causes the arrival of digestive disorders.

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