Other ways to lower blood sugar

Remember : same as herbal medicine as well as other herbal medicines, you should consult first with doctors who deal with You if you want to try to use the leaves of insulin to manage diabetes.

Other ways to lower blood sugar
Other ways to lower blood sugar

Not all of the medication or herb will bring up a uniform effect on everyone. Herb and herbal medicines also don't have the proper dose standards. The wrong dose or condition of use may in fact be exacerbating your diabetes risk.

Routine medical treatment to the doctor is the only way that is proven to safely control your diabetes. Here is another effective way to help lower blood sugar:

1. insulin Syringe

Diabetes is caused by the body's inability to produce sufficient amounts of insulin hormone. Insulin is a natural hormone that serves to break down blood sugar into energy so that simply applied not so exaggerated in the body.

Thus, some diabetesi may need additional assistance from the synthetic hormone insulin injections to control blood sugar. Inject insulin generally done in a certain time, such as 15 or 30 minutes before eating. Consult further with your doctor about insulin injection usage is more detailed.

2. Drink enough water

Drinking water is good habits that need to be applied to the diabetesi. In addition to preventing dehydration because the symptoms of diabetes will make you thirsty, frequent intake of sufficient fluid can neutralize the excess sugar in the blood to the urine then disposed of together.

Try to fullfill the needs of drinking 8 glasses of water per day, but this number may also vary for each person. Basically the more intense and frequent physical activity, You need to drink more water should be.

3. Sports

Sports is a good way to control your blood sugar levels. In addition, exercise also helps the heart work more efficiently to pump blood throughout the body.

You can work out at least 15 minutes a day. However, don't forget to occasionally take a break and check blood sugar in between workouts to prevent blood sugar plummets too low when the activity.

3. Restrict eating sugar

Already a public secret if diabetesi should reduce eating sugar or empty-calorie foods. Simple carbohydrates of pure sugar or flour can be melonjakkan blood sugar levels after a meal that is dangerous for your condition.

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