Get to know the benefits of nutrient content and Fruit Ciplukan

Ciplukan fruits often do not realize that there are around the garden, yard House, or even being on the sidelines of wild plants. The name of the fruit of the ciplukan now this makin rising, even to have a high value in the market thanks to the countless hidden benefits that make the body. What are the benefits of ciplukan?

Get to know the benefits of nutrient content and Fruit Ciplukan
Get to know the benefits of nutrient content and Fruit Ciplukan

What is a ciplukan?
Ciplukan is a fruit that have a latin name Physialis Peruviana. This fruit is a kind of wild plant which is also often referred to as morel berry, golden berry, and goose cape berry.

Ciplukan fruit is a fruit that is popular because of the taste, aroma, and color of the flesh. This unique shaped fruit because of the existence of the outside looks like a flower bud, but if it is peeled flesh of the fruit and seeds are colored bright yellow.

Ciplukan fruit sizes with a diameter of 1.25 to 2 cm. Fruit is green when young, or raw. When the fruit is ripe, the flesh of the fruit it will turn into a smooth, shiny, and change color to golden yellow to orange with many small seeds in it.

This bright yellow fruits have a sweet flavor with a texture somewhat soft. Fruit is generally allowed as many fruit snacks, fruit to decorate cakes, and for jam.

Nutrient content of fruit ciplukan
Per one portion of fruit dishes ciplukan (equivalent to 140 grams) contains:

74 calories
15.7 grams carbohydrates
6 grams of fiber
2.7 grams of protein
1 grams of fat
21% vitamin C daily
14% of the daily needs of thiamine
5% riboflavin
28% of niacin
7% of vitamin A daily
8% iron and phosphorus
Benefits of fruit ciplukan
1. High in vitamin K
The content of vitamin K in the fruit of ciplukan is high. Vitamin K serves to maintain bone health, maintaining healthy skin, and keep your blood pressure remains normal.

In addition, sufficient intake of vitamin K is also potentially to lower coronary heart disease risk (PJK).

2. Rich in antioxidants
Antioxidants are substances that can protect and repair damaged cells in the body due to the effects of free radicals. The most common example of the effects of free radicals that can occur is premature aging and chronic diseases such as cancer.

A study finds that anticancer may be one of the benefits of ciplukan a shame to miss. Yellow fruit is believed to contain high antioxidant phenolic, one of them, who can be against the development of breast cancer and colon cancer.

Ripe fruits contain the most antioxidants levels high. Well, research from the University of Bonn in Germany found that golden berry skin contains the amount of antioxidants that are almost three times higher than other fruits.

3. Fight inflammation
Compounds called withanolides golden berry reported in fruit can help fight the effects of inflammation resulting in inflammatory bowel disease. The same compound was also reported to be potentially to counter the risk of colon cancer.

Even so, the benefits of ciplukan is still observed as in mice. The hope growing the technology can be developed into a valid treatment later in the day.

4. Improve immune system
A study says that the fruit golden berry could potentially help strengthen immune system thanks to the content of the various polifenolnya. Polifeno is antioxidant compounds that work blocking release of a specific kekebelan system markers when an inflammation. 

In addition, the benefits of increased stamina from this fruit also comes from vitamin C which is quite high. In one cup (140 grams) of fruit ciplukan contains 15.4 mg vitamin C Beebe meets 21% vitamin C daily for women and 17% of vitamin C daily for men.

5. Improve the function of eye sight
The fruit flesh is yellow orange substance it contains lutein, beta carotene and carotenoids, which can prevent you from dangers of macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in old people.

In addition, substances carotenoids lutein can prevent the risk of some eye disease due to complications from diabetes.

Side effects of fruit ciplukan
The fruit of this possibility can be toxic if you eat it while it was still raw. This risk is especially more danger if you also have some specific health conditions. In order to be safe, eat a fruit that is ripe and golden yellow. Do not eat raw green.

Golden berry fruit generally contain solanine, crude toxins that are naturally found in vegetables such as potatoes and tomatoes. Solanine may cause indigestion including the stomach cramps and diarrhea. The effect of these toxins may also be fatal in certain cases, even including the rare.

In addition, keep in mind that eating fruit is many-many may be dangerous. In a study using high doses of ciplukan fruit juice, visible appearance of the risk of heart damage in mice males. For more details about the side effects of this fruit, good idea to consult a doctor.

How to consume the fruit of ciplukan?
Ciplukan can be consumed directly or drained after the first thin the skin peeled
Here are some ways you can enter give gold into your diet:

Eaten whole as snacks.
Blended into a smoothie
Sliced thin and made into porridge oatmeal topping, yogurt and granola, or fruit salad.

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