Explore the role of leaves of Insulin to lower blood sugar Diabetesi

In addition to the use of drugs from a doctor, not a few people with diabetes (diabetesi) who also seek treatment naturally. One of the commonly used are leaves of the insulin. Leaves that have a latin name of Costus igneus is believed can lower the blood sugar of diabetics. What is true is that?

Explore the role of leaves of Insulin to lower blood sugar Diabetesi
Explore the role of leaves of Insulin to lower blood sugar Diabetesi

How does insulin lower blood sugar leaves?

Eating leaves is believed can lower blood glucose levels. This statement is reinforced by a study from Kasturba Medical College which specifically examines the benefits of insulin against leaves blood sugar levels diabetesi in India. The study also compared the effectiveness of insulin leaves with efficacy drug Glibenclamide diabetes.

The researchers observed the benefits after gathering and drying the leaves of insulin that cultivated in Mangalore, Karnataka, India, during the months of September and October. Once dried, the leaves of this finely ground up into powder and headache, ditakar becomes a small dose, dose-and then dissolved with water.

Water solution is then given to the male rats. In the first few days of the study, rats have been first given drug Glibenclamide. In the next few days that the lab rats administered drinking water solution leaves insulin.

During this research, the lab rat also are required to fast so that blood sugar levels decreased. The result is a decrease in blood sugar levels 2 hours postprandial (GD2PP aka blood sugar after a meal) after drinking water evinced the equivalent decline in insulin GD2PP treatment with Glibenclamide. 

Other studies, still from India, published by the International Journal of Ayurveda Research also found it similar. Researchers reported that the leaves of insulin is able to lower fasting blood sugar levels (GDP) and GD2PP levels to normal levels on lab rats who suffered induced by Hyperglycemia after drug dexamethasone.

However, it is unclear as to what or how this leaves mechanism can lower blood sugar.

Insulin leaves others to benefit the health of the body
The benefits of insulin for diabetes leaves so far has not been fully proven by medical research. But a number of studies report these leaves also look potentially:

1. Lower your high blood pressure

According to a study from India, the effect of the decrease in blood pressure from the leaves of costus igneus is derived from diuretiknya which effects work similar to the medicine furosemide. Furosemide is a diuretic medications, one of which is used to overcome high blood pressure.

This study compares the effects of insulin dose leaves 100 and 200 mg per kilogram of body weight with furosemide per 4 mg/kg. The results showed that the costus igneus has the effect of decreasing the levels of potassium and sodium are just as much with the effect the drug furosemide.

That needs to be understood, the deposition of sodium and potassium in the blood is too much indeed associated with increased blood pressure over time.

2. Contains antioxidants

Insulin leaves are reported to contain two antioxidant compounds called quercetin and diosgenin is useful to fight against the effects of free radicals on the organ of the liver, pancreas, and kidneys of rats who suffered diabetes.

Other research found that an antioxidant activity leaves this belongs very high, is around 90% and 89.5 percent. 

3. antimicrobial Properties

The methanol extract of Costus igneus leaves content shows antibacterial activity that works against the development of the bacteria Bacillus megaterium, Micrococcus leuteus, Staphylococcusn aureus, Streptococcus lactis, the bacterium Salmonella and Pseudomonomon aeruginosa negative.

Ethanol extracts of leaves of Costus igneus also found shows antibacterial activity and antifungal properties against e. coli and Candida albicans.

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