Don't panic, these Tips Resolve Difficult Child to eat after illness

After the pain, the child may appear limp and not a tasteful meal. Whereas, the intake of food as a source of nutrients, thus greatly needed by the body for the recovery process. So the little one can recover quickly, you need to be more patient and creative in persuading him to eat.

Don't panic, these Tips Resolve Difficult Child to eat after illness
Don't panic, these Tips Resolve Difficult Child to eat after illness

The son of hard-packed after illness did make parents frustrated, for fear the child will take longer to recover or instead fall ill again. Other than as a source of energy, food consumed children indeed can help the recovery process of the new body recover from illness. Therefore, you should not give up in the little coaxing to eat. There are several ways that you can do to overcome this problem.

How To Cope With Difficult Children Eat
The following are some of the ways that can be done by parents to deal with a child who has difficulty eating after illness:

1. give its preferred foods

So that children like to eat, give it food that he liked. Make sure these foods contain the essential nutrients your body needs for recovery.  You can give it chicken soup with egg and potatoes, as the intake of proteins and carbohydrates are a source of energy. You can also give him a vegetable or fruit that tastes good, as a source of vitamins and fiber.

2. Pack food with exciting forms of

Try to pack the food as attractive as possible so that the children are interested in mengonsumsinya. For example, the shape of the rice into a cute panda. How to form the rice into small balls the fist, and then give the ornament in the form of the eyebrows, eyes, mouth, and hands using pieces of seaweed. Then give the meat and vegetables as garnish around him.

3. Give your food with a delicious aroma

In addition to packing food creatively, attempting to lure children with sense of smell the mouth-watering aroma of food. The sense of smell are contributing to the increasing appetite.

4. Give your child foods in small portions but often

If after hurts children looks difficult to spend food, don't force him to eat in great portion. It will make it increasingly don't want to eat. Try for the food servings-small portions, but give it more often.

5. Provide healthy snacks

As a distraction, to provide its preferred healthy snacks. One of the healthiest snacks could be the choice is an easy fruits consumed, such as bananas or fruit salad with colorful. Meat and cheese sandwiches, bread with jam, cereal with milk, or wheat biscuits can also be a selection of healthy snacks for children.

6. give milk full of nutrients

If the Small hard-spending food, you can give it milk to fullfill the nutrients he needs in recovery. Milk contains various nutrients are able to strengthen the resilience of the body, so that the recovery process of the child from the pain runs faster.

It is recommended to choose milk full of nutrients, such as protein, fat, and carbohydrates that can give him the energy to heal. Select also the milk enriched with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, because they can help improve the durability of his body.

Persuading children to eat after the pain sometimes is indeed difficult. But some way above you can try, so that his nutritional intake sufficient and he could be quickly recovered from the pain. When the little one still not appetite, you should memeriksakannya to the doctor.

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