3 Facial massage techniques are easy and powerful address the symptoms of Sinusitis

Natural nasal congestion due to ongoing sinusitis naturally makes You so uncomfortable. Of course, you're so unable to breathe with relief because the air flow is hindered by an inflamed sinus tissues. In addition with the nasal spray, you can also do a facial massage to cope with sinusitis, lho! But remember, do not be done haphazardly, Yes! Find out how to secure massaging the face for sinusitis.

3 Facial massage techniques are easy and powerful address the symptoms of Sinusitis
3 Facial massage techniques are easy and powerful address the symptoms of Sinusitis

Benefits of facial massage to cope with sinusitis

Sinus massage is one of the many home remedies that can help relieve the pressure on the sinuses. The experts revealed that the gentle pressure while massaging can improve blood circulation in the nose. As a result, the symptoms of sinusitis can be reduced gradually.

According to a study published in the Journal of Paramedical Science and Rehabilitation the year 2014, a total of 35 women reported that headaches due to sinus tend to diminish after getting a facial massage therapy. So also in the separate research done on men's athletes who experience chronic sinusitis, face massage can reduce the sense of numbing and pressure in the face due to sinusitis. Then it is no doubt that massage therapy facial rated potent cope with sinusitis.

But unfortunately, the experts still requires further research and analysis to prove the effects of facial massage against sinusitis. To date is not yet known whether the effects pijatannya can overcome sinus in the long term or not.

Several licensed massage therapists advise you to perform a facial massage on a regular basis to cope with sinusitis who likes to relapse. Most importantly, always talk to a therapist if your face feels sore or uncomfortable when massaged.

Safe way of massaging the face while experiencing sinusitis
In order to better secure, we recommend that you first consult a doctor before you try sinus massage. The doctor will see first how severe sinusitis you are natural and necessary or whether you did a facial massage therapy. Instead of healing, facial massage therapy done carelessly can instead be aggravating Your sinusitis.

Actually, you can also do a facial massage yourself so more convenient. You can customize how big pressures on the face that does not cause pain. However, if you are in doubt, do not trouble to ask for help a certified therapist to massage Your sinus area.

The human body has four pairs of sinuses. The fourth area of the sinus is located in different places, namely:

The frontal sinuses: in the middle of the forehead (frontal), just above each eyebrow.
The ethmoid sinuses: behind the nose, right in between the two eyes.
Sphenoid sinus: behind the ethmoid bone, it is located at the base of the nose and between the eyes the inside corner.
The maxillary sinus: sinus, located behind the cheekbones close to the upper jaw.
To cope with sinusitis, you get massaged in one or all of the sinus area that feels pain. Well, there are 3 facial massage techniques that can help cope with sinusitis, among them:

1. frontal sinus Massage

Massaging the area of the frontal sinus, which is located in the middle of the forehead, can help relieve headaches due to sinusitis. Before starting the massage, try rubbing both Palms so that the warmer.

Warm sensation in the hand will help soften the sinus tissue is strained when massaged. You can also use lotions or oils: that pijatannya feels more comfortable.

Here's how:

Use your index finger and middle finger on both hands, and then put in the middle of the forehead, precisely at the end of each eyebrow.
Massage the area slowly with a twisting motion to the outside for 30 seconds.
Do a circular motion towards the inside for 30 seconds. Feel the diference on the headache began to subside.

2. maxillary sinus Massage

The maxillary sinus massage in the area believed to be potent overcome the symptoms of sinusitis, nasal congestion and pain in the sinuses. Same as before, rub both Your hands in advance so that the warmer when massaging the sinus area.

Here's how:

Use your index finger and middle finger on both hands, and put in between the cheeks and upper jaw.
Massage gently with circular motion for about 30 seconds. So that pressure is stronger, you can use the thumb kneading of the maxillary sinus area at the moment.

3. massage the sphenoid sinus

For those of you who are having ongoing sinus due to nasal congestion, try a facial massage in sphenoid sinus area. Massaging the sinus area this could help launch the airflow in your nose so you can breathe more relief.

Again and again, rub both Your hands in advance so that feels more comfortable. May also by pouring a little oil or lotion before rubbing both palms.

Here's how:

Put Your index finger on the base of the nose, in the midst of the second corner of the eye.
Press this point firmly for about 15 seconds.

With a circular motion, massage your nose from the middle of the second corner of the eye towards the bottom of Your nose all along.

Repeat this movement for 30 seconds and feel itself changes.
Do a sinus massage during a few times until Your sinusitis symptoms lessened. You can also mengombinasikannya with home-based treatment, such as a warm compress or inhale the vapors, to accelerate the healing.

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