20 food for Your heart health

When you add spices to Your cuisine as a substitute for salt, You've made the right choice for the heart. Herbs add flavor without giving adverse effects. Add a lot of spice to the non salt is a way for a healthy heart.

20 food for Your heart health
20 food for Your heart health

Black beans
Black beans are soft filled with nutrients to the heart. Folate, magnesium, and antioxidants can help lower blood pressure. Fiber in it can help control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Add the beans on soups and salads you.

Tips: Rinse canned beans to remove the excess salt.

Red wine and resveratrol
When you drink alcohol, a little red wine might be a healthy option for the heart. Resveratrol and catechin, two antioxidants in red wine, can protect the arteries. A little alcohol can also increase HDL (good cholesterol).

Tips: too much alcohol thus bad for your heart. For women, do not consume more than one glass a day, and a maximum of two glasses for men. We recommend that you discuss with your doctor first. Alcohol can cause problems for people who are taking aspirin and other medications.

Salmon: super food
Salmon is considered the best foods for heart health because it is rich in omega-3. Omega-3s are healthy fats that can reduce the risk of heart rhythm disorders and lower blood pressure. Omega-3 may also be lowering triglycerides and prevent inflammation. U.S. Heart Association recommends two servings of salmon or other oily fish a week.

Tip: Grilled salmon in aluminum foil with spices and vegetables. Got leftover salmon? Create a fish taco or salad so.

Tuna for Omega-3
Cheaper than salmon, tuna also has omega-3. Albacore (white tuna) have more omega-3 than other Tunas. Try the grilled tuna steak with dill and lemon. Also get omega-3s from other sources as well: mackerel, herring, trout, sardines, and anchovies.

Tips: Select tuna packed in water, not oil, to keep it healthy.

Olive oil
This oil is a healthy fat made from olives that were destroyed. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants that are healthy for the heart. It can also protect your blood vessels. When olive oil is used in place of saturated fats, like butter, it can also help lower cholesterol levels. Try to use for salads and cooked vegetables, or with bread.

Tip: for a taste of the most fitting, search the cold-pressed and use within 6 months.

Little crabs a day can lower your cholesterol. This bean can also protect the heart's arteries of inflammation. Walnut filled with omega-3s, healthy fat called monounsaturated fats, and fiber. You can get the benefits by replacing fat nasty like that is in the chips and cookies, with walnut oil ...

Tip: use walnut oil as salad dressing.

Almond matched with vegetables, fish, chicken, and desserts. They have sterols, fiber, and fat that is good for the heart. Almonds may help lower LDL cholesterol is "evil". Konsumsilah a handful of almonds a day.

Tip: Toasted almonds to strengthen it feels.

You've probably never seen this bean as an appetizer at the restaurant of Japan. Edamame is a word in the language of Japan for soy. Protein may help lower cholesterol levels. A cup of edamame also has 8 grams of fiber which nourish the heart, the equivalent of four pieces of wheat bread.

Tip: Grab a frozen edamame, boil, then serve warm in her skin.

Eat tofu and you'll get a large amount of vegetarian protein which is also rich in minerals for heart, fiber, and polyunsaturated fats. Know also can absorb the spices or sauces that you use for cooking.

Tip: cut tofu, seasonings, then grilled or sautéed, careful not too much oil. Add the tofu to the soup for a protein with less fat.

Sweet potato
Replace the potatoes with sweet potatoes. With a low glycemic index, ubi will not cause a spike in blood sugar quickly. These foods also have fiber, vitamin A, and lycopene.

Tip: tighten up its natural sweetness with the way the grave with cinnamon and lemon juice.

Sweet and juicy, Orange has a perctin fiber can against cholesterol. .. This fruit also has potassium that help control blood pressure. In a study, 2 cups of orange juice a day can improve the health of blood vessels, can also reduce blood pressure in men.

Tips: Orange size medium has approximately 62 calories and 3 grams of fiber.

Switzerland Chard
This dark leafy vegetables are rich in potassium and magnesium that can help control blood pressure. Switzerland chard also has a healthy heart for fiber, vitamin A, and the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. Try to serve it with grilled meats or as a base for fish.

Tip: stir fry with olive oil and garlic until wilted. Season with the pepper and spice.

Try to combine this with a grain of rice. You can also add barley in soup. Fiber in barley can help lower cholesterol levels at once blood sugar levels.

Tips: Know Your barley. Whole grain barley is the most high in nutrients. Barley porridge can be used as cereal or snacks.

A bowl of warm oatmeal filling your stomach for hours, preventing you to mengemil, and help keep blood sugar levels stable all along what could, so useful for diabetics as well. Oat fiber can nourish your heart by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL).

Tip: want to make pancakes, muffins, or other cakes? Replace a third of the flour with oats.

Glossy coloured beans such as honey has three good things for your heart: fiber, phytochemicals called Lignans, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Tip: Milled flaxseed to the best nutrition. Add to cereal, toast, yogurt, or mustard on a sandwich.

Low-fat yogurt
Dairy products are synonymous with food that is good for the bones. However, dairy products can also help control high blood pressure. Yogurt, for example, is rich in calcium and potassium. To really improve the benefits of kalsiumnya and reduce fat intake, choose low-fat yogurt

Foods enriched with sterols
Some margarine, soy milk, almond milk, and orange juice contains sterols and stanol, a substance which can counteract the cholesterol. This plant extract is blocking your gut so that it cannot absorb cholesterol. They also can lower LDL levels by 10% without damaging cholesterol ' good. '

Cherries sweet, sour, dry, and cherry juice are all good for you. They are filled with antioxidants called anthocyanins and is believed to be able to help protect blood vessels.

Tip: Sprinkle dried cherries into the dough muffins, cereal, salad, and rice.

Blueberries are the foods that are full of nutrients. These berries contain anthocyanins, an antioxidant that helps blood vessels. This antioxidant gives color to dark blue in blueberries. This fruit also also have a lot of fiber and other nutrients. Add fresh blueberries on cereal, pancakes, or yogurt.

Tip: Puree blueberries and make the sauce sweet that you can use as a dye or to poured on top of the other sweet foods.

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